Is it really the last time?

February 3, 2009

I’ll admit it—I got a bit teary eyed during the end of High School Musical 3: Senior Year. (Hey—goodbyes can be emotional!) Last night, I finally saw the much-anticipated third movie in the HSM trilogy. And it was everything my wannabe 15-year-old heart desired. Troy and Gabriella’s chemistry was adorable. Sharpe was perfectly prissy. And there was tons of enthralling, pulse-stopping dancing!

Zac Efron stole the show for me. His moves are electrifying, and his charisma (and abs!) makes me swoon. Next in line was of course DS cover girl, KayCee Stroh. Since I met KayCee at our cover shoot and know just how good of a dancer she is, I was extra proud of her performance. Her spunk, zest and great technique are qualities every dancer should strive for. My third favorite was Corbin Bleu, who I find to be another thrilling dancer to watch. He especially rocks in his duet with Zac, “The Boys Are Back.” I’m obsessed.

The actual choreography was also brilliant. There was a little bit of everything from ballroom to Fosse to hip-hop. I thought the dancing outshined some of the songs, which were similar to those in the past HSM soundtracks. Though, I must give a shout out to Vanessa Hudgens for her gorgeous voice.

What we can all learn from each and every one of the HSM cast members is how to be the ultimate triple threat. There’s no weak link in this show.

Bravo, HSM3. I’m just sad you’ve graduated.