James Bond, Ballet-ified

October 11, 2012

Are you looking for a little Friday procrastination fodder? Are you a Twitter fiend? Are you a fan of Bond movies? I don’t know why I’m even asking you these questions, because the universal answer to all of them is “yes.”

And that being the case, I have a Twitter hashtag that should fuel some Friday fun: #BalletBond. The lovely BalletBoyz (@Balletboyz), our favorite British rebel ballerinos, got it going this morning. The premise is simple, but awesome: Insert some ballet or ballet-related term into the title of a James Bond movie. Need examples? Here are a few of the BalletBoyz’ gems:

You Only Lift Twice


Die Another Plié

The Man with the Golden Buns

Get it? Fun, right? In case you can’t recite every Bond movie title from memory (not that I can…I mean…I plead the fifth!), here’s a full list of them. Set your pun guns to stun and get Tweeting! And don’t forget to follow @Dance_SpiritMag—we’ll try to contribute a few sweet #BalletBond Tweets of our own.