January 2018 Table of Contents

January 1, 2018

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A Char Char-med Life

Charlize Glass isn’t the cute little girl in that Beyoncé video anymore. She’s become a professional dancer with a flavah all her own.

What Summer Intensive Directors Are Really Thinking at Auditions

The scoop on how to stand out.

The Summer Study Style Challenge

Why a summer program is the perfect place to try out an unfamiliar technique.

The Dance Spirit 2018 Summer Study Guide

Get essential info on hundreds of intensives.

Plié—and Sautée!

Recipes from dancers who know their way around a kitchen.

Up Front: Buzz

How companies around the U.S. are celebrating choreographer Jerome Robbins’ 100th birthday.

Up Front: The Dirt

Martha Graham Dance Company dancer Marzia Memoli.

Letter to My Teenage Self

Broadway dancer Ryan Steele.

Dear Katie

Kathryn Morgan answers your pressing dance questions.

Body Buzz

All about cramps and spasms.


Exercises to combat hyperextension probs.


Outfits that go from the gym to dance class.

Style Lab

Crazy-cute crop tops.

Modern Spotlight

Mastering Trisha Brown’s signature style.

College Corner

Why you should be using your campus’ career services office.

Future Star

The second round of 2017 winners.

You Should Know

Contemporary mini Brightyn Brems.