January 2019 Table of Contents

January 16, 2019

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The Rising Stars of Ballroom

8 dancers you need to know about.

Summer Study Mistakes

How can you avoid picking the wrong summer intensive?

Intensive Alternatives

Summer strategies that will keep you growing in the off season.

How to Tune Up Your Spotting

A much-needed refresher on the key to flawless turns.


The inside scoop on this month’s Rent: Live.

The Dirt

Commercial queen Delaney Glazer.

Letter to My Teenage Self

Tapper Sarah Reich.

Body Buzz

The best essential oils for dancers.


Weight-lifting exercises to build strength.

The Look

Graceful looks that’ll sweep you off your feet.

College Corner

How to make the most of winter break.

Future Star

The second round of 2018 winners.

You Should Know

Ballet star Ashley Lew.