Jennifer Garner Is as Obsessed with Ballet as We Are, and It Is Adorable

October 31, 2017

We always love a good #tututuesday post. But when that post comes from an A-list Hollywood celebrity—and features some of our all-time favorite ballet dancers? That is next-level stuff.

Meet ballet fangirl Jennifer Garner. Yes, we’ve had a soft spot for Garner ever since she showed off her “Thriller” dance moves in 13 Going on 30. But for the past two weeks, she’s been highlighting ballet’s finest with Insta posts that show a truly legit knowledge of world-class ballet—including its inside jokes. And now we might be in love.

Last Tuesday, the self-professed “ballet junkie” gave us a tribute to New York City Ballet phenom Tiler Peck, which included a callout to American Ballet Theatre “Cindies” (!) James Whiteside and Isabella Boylston, and a photoshopped cameo in Peck’s Swan Lake debut.

This week, Garner narrated a pas de deux featuring Boylston and fellow ABTer Marcelo Gomes, and crashed a pic of Boylston and ABT bestie Lauren Post in epic fashion.

Garner’s ballet love didn’t come out of the blue: She studied the form for nearly a decade growing up. Once a dancer, always a dance obsessive.

Don’t ever stop, Jen! Because we’ll never get tired of the “Is this real life?” responses from the dancers (and companies) you’re #instastalking: