John checks in from Hawaii

August 11, 2008

Hello fellow dancers,


I’m blogging from Hawaii. I have been coming here regularly for about 10 years now and love dancing here. I am here for three weeks teaching and rehearsing for their production of Giselle (and surfing!). Don’t be jealous.


I just finished up the month long run of Damn Yankees. It was a fantastic experience in so many ways: the people, the dancing, the atmosphere. Dancing and singing with Jane Krakowski was one of the highlights of my dancing life. Also, she’s an awesome person and we just had a blast. It’s the kind of show that makes you grateful you’re in show biz. Of course, there is always talk about the production getting “moved” to Broadway—I hope it does happen, but am not counting on it. Which leads me to this bummer—I was signed on to do the new production of Brigadoon which was to have an out of town run in Boston in the fall (less then a month away) and then was slated to go to Broadway in the Sspring. Well, I just got news that it is “postponed indefinitely” because they couldn’t nail down a theater for NY and since they didn’t have a theater they didn’t want to shell out the $$$ for an out of town run. So, that’s how it goes in this business—I was so disappointed. Rob Ashford, the choreographer/director, I thought, had a great vision for making this a fresh dance piece for B’Way. You never know, ’til you know I guess. I’m still hopeful it will happen. I am, in fact, a little nervous about the future now, but…


Well, I am off to take class now and then teach and then rehearse and then maybe catch some waves before it gets dark. Hope everyone is dancing from the heart.


Until next time-