Josh Killacky Kindly Requests That You Take the #HowBoutDatChallenge

February 1, 2017

Oh hi! Have you been on the internets recently? Then you’ve probably seen the latest viral clip from the ever-fantabulous Josh Killacky and his crew. Co-starring Alex DiTommaso and Jake Deanda, and directed by David Moore, it uses the same simple, perfect formula as that magical #XmasIsLit video from a few weeks back: Put Killacky and two friends in front of Moore’s camera and have them nail some choreo to an earworm-y song.

In this case, the song is truly, wonderfully weird—a track by Suede the Remix God featuring samples from a “Dr. Phil” episode. (If you haven’t heard of the “Cash Me Ousside” girl…no, sorry, we can’t explain it. Just watch.) And the resulting video is an absolute delight.

Now, Killacky and crew would like you to take the #HowBoutDatChallenge and replicate the vid with your own squad. GO FORTH AND MEME, FRIENDS.

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