Kate's Note

July 6, 2009

It’s halftime. The beat of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” energizes the stadium. Eighty thousand amped-up football fans look on in anticipation as 16 beautiful, incredibly fit dance team members take over center field. They strut into formation with hair flying, and bound into their routine—nailing fouetté turns, split leaps and layouts. It’s the 50th game of the season, but you’d never know it. These girls are polished,charismatic and precise.


While for some, performing to huge crowds on a well-known team like the Cleveland Cavalier Girls is the ultimate dream, for others dancing on a team is the perfect springboard to signing with an agent and launching a broader commercial career.


This month’s Dance Spirit cover girl Keltie Colleen (see “Yes She Can,” p. 46) has been a member of both the Knicks City Dancers and the NJ Nets Dancers. “Dance teams teach you how to be a professional right away,” Keltie told Brianne Carlon, DS managing editor. “When you go into an audition, think about being camera-ready. Your hair should look like it’s ready for a shampoo commercial!”


Anastasia Miller, Keltie’s agent, adds, “The dancers we represent from the Nets and the Knicks always show up looking stunning at commercial auditions. Their etiquette is professional. The full package is ready to go.”


To sharpen your look, check out the DS fashion feature “Bold and Gold” (p. 38), in which four gorgeous dancers from this year’s NJ Nets Dancers model hot new performance looks. Plus, find out how you can dance with their team! Then, for all of the natural-born leaders out there, “Leader of the Pack” (p. 50) gives you an in-depth look at the job of team captain.


If you’re not a dance team girl, don’t fret. DS has lots in store for you this month, too, like the dos and don’ts of stretching and the stage-name game.

So sit back, relax and dig in.