Kathryn Morgan Wants to Answer Your Dance Questions

September 16, 2014

Via ifthepointeshoefits.com

Good morning, everyone! I have some happy news for you today: Kathryn Morgan—former New York City Ballet soloist, one of our 2008 cover stars and blogger extraordinaire over at If the Pointe Shoe Fits—will be writing an advice column for DS!

If you’re a fan of ITPSF, you’ll understand why I’m super excited to make that announcement. Not only does Morgan have blue-chip dance credentials, but, as she’s proved in her thoughtful, insightful blog posts and video tutorials, she’s also a veritable font of dance wisdom.

“Dear Katie” will debut in our January issue. Each month, Morgan will answer three reader-submitted questions about technique, health, fitness, audition etiquette, makeup application—you name it! And since her how-to videos are one of the best parts of ITPSF, she’ll also answer a fourth question in video form.

What burning issues would you like Morgan to address? Send your questions to [email protected]/. She just might answer you in an upcoming issue.

Welcome to the DS team, Katie!