Kings of Spank Show Us What Dance Means To Them

March 11, 2016

The website NOWNESS has given us some amazing dance videos, all of which are both beautifully produced and danced. Well, we’ve got another to the list—Kings of Spank, the NYC-based dance crew, was just featured in a short film that recently debuted on the site. In it, we meet crew members Spaceman, Kidd Patt and NayNay, who show off their skills in a dance-off while explaining via voiceovers how dance makes them who they are. The sentiments, ranging from the “Joy, love, power and togetherness” that dance promotes, to how dance helps push away all the negativity we’re constantly faced with, are refreshing and inspiring. Not to mention, these three have some insanely cool moves (1:02 is a personal favorite of mine—just saying!). Check out the full video below.

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