So You Know You Can't Dance (Dance, Dance, Dance)

December 11, 2014

Any one else in “So You Think You Can Dance” withdrawal? I mean, we’re super psyched that Season 12 is a go, and all, but how are we supposed to wait until the summer?! Don’t worry, guys, we have a survival strategy.

Step 1:
Pour through the December issue of DS to relive Ricky Ubeda’s majestic rise to the top.

Step 2:
Watch the behind-the-scenes video of his cover shoot.

Step 3:
Get all nostalgic with a #throwback to the best “SYT” routines EVER (p. 42 in your December issue).

Step 4:
Stalk @RickyUbedasLegs on Twitter.

Step 5:
Make a short list of dancers you need to see on Season 12. (Bring back Mr. Strange!)

Once you have exhausted all of those outlets, it’s time to check out‘s equally thrilling (OK, maybe not so much) new web series, “So You Know You Can’t Dance.” Yes folks, this is happening.

Here’s the premise: Billboard’s Pop Shop editor, Jason Lipshutz, calls himself a lover of pop music who just happens to be the “most awkward dancer alive.” So instead of settling for a life with two left feet, he decided to do something about it. Cue “SYKYCD,” a web series that enlists the help of major pop stars to teach Lipshutz how to groove.

So far, there have been two episodes: In Episode 1, Kiesza teaches him some moves from “Hideaway,” and in Episode 2, Tinashe teaches him “the whip.” Not gonna lie, as a bunhead who’s completely lost on the d-floor, I’ll definitely study up on these videos. Check ’em out!

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[brightcove,AAAAAEMcC3Y~,NII8yi9nN4zfbo6c85C9uVdLDWJHdSE3&bctid=3930764440001 expand=1]

Look out for more episodes of “So You Know You Can’t Dance” on