Our Fave Commercial Ballerina Teamed Up With the Band MAGIC—And It's Pure Magic

September 17, 2018

Kylie Shea is no stranger to showcasing her quirky take on ballet to the masses. The Instagram star continues to entertain us with her unconventional dance routines on pointe, be it on her social media platforms, in music videos, and even commercials. And her collaboration with the Canadian band MAGIC is one of our favorites yet. Dancing to their hit song “Expectations,” Shea and the band’s lead singer Nasri have a low key dance-off. The video starts out somewhat somber, but as things progress, Shea’s sense of humor shines through—culminating with a fabulous scene that has her jiving in a tutu.

“I left the concert dance world many years ago with a dream to pursue my career as an actress and a dancer in the entertainment industry, and the chance to play this role made me feel like I am on the right path,” Shea said in an Instagram post announcing the release of the music video. We love that Shea had the courage to pursue her own path in dance and her carefree persona constantly reminds us that while it’s important to develop correct technique, first and foremost dance should be about having fun. We’re dying to see what’s next for this daring dancer.