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Watch Insta Star Kylie Shea Slay in Kygo's Insane New Music Video

The sensational Kylie Shea loves to make us giggle with Insta videos featuring ballerinas doing unconventional things: running on a treadmill in pointe shoes, playing football in a tutu, doing house chores en pointe. But Shea is more than just an Insta darling: She’s done commercials, fashion spreads, and performances with the likes of Bruno […]

This Instagram Ballet Star Just Got Real About Body Image Issues

Instagram star Kylie Shea has built a following of nearly 170,000 with her playful workout videos, which combine traditional fitness activities, like jumping rope or running on the treadmill, with pointe shoes and sassy choreography. Shea’s effortless cool-girl-next-door vibe and solid ballet technique make her vids totally irresistible. Now Shea’s using her platform to address […]

Watch This Hardcore Pointe Shoe Workout

We’re constantly looking for new ways to cross-train, and professional ballerina Kylie Shea just hardcore inspired us with this intense pointe shoe-meets-treadmill situation. Behold: #PointeChronicles • Cross Training Pt. 3 🙆🏽 Because there are many different ways to use a treadmill… here’s another one! I’ve been envisioning this for many months and finally filmed it […]