Lady Gaga's Perfect Super Bowl Halftime Show in 15 Perfect GIFs

February 5, 2017

When there was a magical twinkly-star drone ballet

When she did a literal swan dive into the arena

When she confirmed our long-held suspicion that she’s a superhero

When she did a very credible audition for Cirque du Soleil

When we saw familiar faces in the dancer crowd (Montana Efaw Sloan-Taylor Rabinor Karen Chuang China Taylor!)

When she worked it with those familiar faces as they WERKED their purple cape-vests

When she pulled out an amazing neon jewel of a space phone

When she got dramatically carried (Mariah Carey-ed?) down the runway

When she looked soooo (appropriately) Beyoncé during “Telephone”


When she had the flyest microphone holder of all time

When she managed to do choreo while playing the piano

When the whole cast channeled CATS

When Mr. Victor Rojas got DOWN WITH HIS BAD SELF

When she didn’t just drop the mic, but dropped the mic, caught a bedazzled football and jumped to what we sincerely hope was not her actual death

✨🙌 #ThankYouGaga 🙌✨

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