This Music Video Puts Dance on Parisian Streets

September 27, 2018

Here at Dance Spirit, we get so, so excited when it’s revealed that a mainstream celeb secretly (or not-so-secretly!) loves dance. So get this: two-time Grammy-nominated soul singer Leon Bridges grew up dancing—and that background in dance is the secret sauce behind his newest music video.

“When I was studying dance [at a small community college] I was inspired by guys like Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, so that’s where the whole vintage look came from,” he told Women’s Wear Daily earlier this year. “I met guys at school who were from the ‘hood, but they were taking ballet classes. That was also inspiring to me because I never thought ballet was a masculine thing. It all prepared me for what I do now, but I didn’t think I would be able to apply that in the future.”

Bridges actually just applied dance in the best way possible, grooving with four professional dancers through the streets of Paris in the new music video for his song “If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be).” The nonchalant, carefree choreography by London-based Australian dance artist and choreographer Darcy Wallace is a perfect showcase for Bridges’ way-cooler-than-you sixties aesthetic. Three cheers for music videos like this that are all about the (awesome) dancing!