Let This Vogue Performer Give You Life

February 23, 2016

Hey there. How’s your Wednesday? A little dull? A little dry? Is it lacking something? Maybe a little bit of take-no-prisoners spirit to carry you through to Friday?

How fortunate, then, that performer Kia Labeija (of the House of Labeija) is voguing her way through Bogotá in this new video for the band Pillar Point, giving us glimpses of her fierce style and the stunning beauty of the Colombian capital city. Dove is directed by Jacob Krupnick and features Labeija on her way to meet her beau. May we all one day be so #blessed as to walk like this, pose like this and generally get our life like this.



But Labeija isn’t all flash. She trained at Julliard and the Ailey school, and even danced in a Michael Jackson tribute tour. She also happens to be an HIV/AIDS activist, and this video’s celebration of beauty perfectly complements her work to de-stigmatize the illness celebrate love rather than fear. And if that doesn’t carry you through to the weekend, I don’t know what will.

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