Let Tom Hiddleston Win Your Heart Through Song and Dance

October 16, 2013

You probably know British actor Tom Hiddleston as the villain Loki from Thor and The Avengers. Which means you’re used to him looking something like this:

He’s got that creepy evil guy thing down pat.

Well, prepare to get to know a very different, and very dance-y, side of Mr. Hiddleston.

The actor has been promoting Thor: The Dark World in Seoul, South Korea recently. And it’s unclear exactly why, but for some reason he was inspired to bust out some serious moves on a Korean television show.

Here’s the thing, though: He can really dance. Maybe it’s just because he’s decked out in a suit and tie in the clip, but I feel like Tom could give our friend Justin Timberlake a run for his money.

Oh, and later on the same show he also sang a rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” So, if you’re not already in love with him, this should do the trick: