Mike Schulster

September 19, 2010

Tapper Mike Schulster’s feet produce crystal-clear, rapid-fire rhythms. But don’t be fooled by his clean footwork: Schulster is a rebel at heart. A

graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Schulster created, choreographed and performs in the rock and roll dance show REVOLUTION. Currently touring, the show features a blend of tap and Irish dance, a live rock band, and Schulster himself shredding on an electric guitar! Before creating his own work, Schulster danced with some of tap’s greatest legends, including Barbara Duffy (DS December 2009) and Gregory Hines. Schulster is also passionate about teaching and has created his own curriculum aimed at making tap accessible to students of all levels. Find him encouraging young hoofers to let loose on the dance floor at Broadway Dance Center and New York City Dance Alliance.  —Katie Rolnick

Dear Me,

Hi there. You’re 30 now. Pretty old, huh? You won’t believe what’s happened: You’re a professional tap dancer! And you’ve had a great time traveling the world. Here’s some advice that will help you on your way.

Make thoughtful choices. Believe me when I say that your life is the sum of all the decisions you make, big and small. Just be sure that your choices are good ones!

Be creative. You are more imaginative right now than you realize, and it is important that you hold on to that creativity and apply it to everything you do, say and make. Doing so will help you continue to move forward and achieve success.

Be brave. Remember, brave people are always lucky! And as you grow up, you’ll need to be bold enough to take first steps and try new ideas. Courage will help you look past obstacles and find a more direct path to success.

Oh yeah, some other things: Be nicer to Mom and Dad, practice piano, study harder, travel, learn another language, eat better, read, save your money, don’t make excuses, believe in yourself, take chances, don’t be lazy, don’t settle—and invest in Apple, Starbucks and Facebook!

Knowingly yours,



Photos from top to bottom: Mike Schulster (center) in
REVOLUTION courtesy Mike Schulster; Mike Schulster (right) with tap icon Gregory Hines courtesy Mike Schulster.