Little Miss Do-It-All: Maddie Ziegler Is Writing a Book!

August 2, 2016

Dancer, actress, reality TV star and author…? Maddie Ziegler’s latest project proves she can literally do it all. People magazine announced a few days ago that Maddie is writing a memoir to be released in March 2017, PLUS a trilogy of novels to be released starting later in the year. Because why write one book when you can write four?!

While Maddie may seem a little young to be writing a memoir, everyone knows her thirteen years have been jam-packed (and at times drama-filled… looking at you crazy dance moms and online bullies!). From her early days on Lifetime, to her adventures with Sia, it’s undeniable this girl has a whole lotta insight to share with the world. We’ve been very impressed with the advice she’s been dishing out to the contestants on SYTYCD this summer (as the youngest judge EVER), so it’s safe to say Maddie’s memoir will provide equally great wisdom to readers.

As for the novels? People reports that the stories will follow an average pre-teen girl making her way through the competitive dance circuit, a topic in which Maddie is certainly well-versed. “I’ve always been the type of person who enjoys writing stories,” Maddie told People. “So when I found out I would be writing books, I was so excited that I got started right away!” Who knew?

“My hope is to inspire others to always keep dreaming and push through the hardships because it’s so worth it to find something you are truly passionate about in life.” You go, Maddie. Keep doing you.

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