Long Live the Fortnite Dance Craze

July 15, 2018

A year (and five seasons) after being released, the video game sensation, Fortnite, is here to stay—and so is the totally unexpected dance craze it’s launched. The game’s comical dance moves have sparked legions of real-life recreations by everyone from professional actors to World Cup players.

And now even seasoned dancers like “SYTYCD” stars Fik-Shun and Cyrus have jumped on the Fortnite train:

What’s so special about these virtual dance moves? Each one calls on a specific cultural reference, varying from viral videos (like Russell “The Backpack Kid” Horning’s floss debut) to popular sitcoms (like “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”). With over 60 dances included in the game and new ones added each season, it’s no wonder they’ve captured—and kept—our attention.

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