So Many Feels for WilldaBeast's New Video

January 8, 2015

Hip hop and contemporary can seem like opposite ends of the dance spectrum. But if you think about it, they actually have a lot in common—like their groundedness, emotional intensity, isolations and accenting.

Will “WilldaBeast” Adams clearly had these similarities in mind when he choreographed his latest project, a music video for JP Cooper’s “When the Darkness Comes” (directed and edited by Tim Milgram). You guys know we’ve been WilldaBeast super-fans for a while now, but MAN, has 2015 brought us WilldaBeast 2.0, or what.

In the video, his choreography seamlessly transitions between styles—so much so that you can’t really say “this is the contemporary section and this is the hip hop section.” It’s just dance. My favorite example of this is when (at 1:43) the male lead lands a double tour en l’air with a sort of half-coffee-grinder unwind—something reminiscent of breaking. It doesn’t seem forced. It just plain works.

Way to go, WilldaBeast. If this is any indication of what 2015 has in store for you, we can’t wait to watch. Happy Friday!