Marcelo Gomes in Kings of the Dance

January 12, 2010

Ballet boys are hot—especially when they’re busting out brisés in cutting-edge contemporary pieces. This month, Kings of the Dance comes to NYC

(Feb. 19–21) following a successful 10-city Russian tour in 2007–2008 and an Eastern European tour in the fall of 2009. With a lineup including David Hallberg, Jose Manuel Carreño and Marcelo Gomes, this show is a must-see. DS caught up with Gomes to chat about being one of the newest kings to join the cast. 

Dance Spirit
: What makes Kings of the Dance so fun?

Marcelo Gomes:
The show is diverse and showcases the best male dancers in the world at their best. It’s dancing at its highest level.


: What’s it like having all these male powerhouses dancing together in one show?

It’s so inspiring. It’s been great to sit back and watch them all at work. Because there are no women in this show, the dynamic is very different. It gives us a close look at who we are as dancers. We all respect each other and what we’ve all accomplished in our careers, so there is no competition among us.


: You’re doing the same show night after night. How do you keep it fresh?

Each evening before a performance I set a different goal for what I am bringing to the stage. This keeps it spontaneous and fresh. Keeping up your own personal level is very important—and challenging—not only in this show, but in my life as a dancer in general.


Photo by Valentin Baranovsky