March 2016

February 9, 2016

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  • Up Front: Buzz with Paul Taylor Dance Company

    The vision for Paul Taylor’s reimagined company, Paul Taylor’s American Modern Dance, becomes fully realized this month with itsMore »

  • Up Front: The Dirt with Samantha Galler

    A charmingly natural actress, Miami City Ballet corps member Samantha Galler has already tackled some of the ballet world’sMore »

  • Letter to My Teenage Self: Anna Trebunskaya

    Ballroom icon Anna Trebunskaya, who returned to “Dancing with the Stars” this past fall after a five-season hiatus, isMore »

  • Dear Katie

    Dear Katie, I’m a strong dancer on flat, but once I put my pointe shoes on, everything falls apart.More »

  • My Life on a Cruise Ship

    Name the dance job, Taylor Gordon’s probably had it: The 27-year-old’s resumé includes performances with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet,More »

  • Breathe Easy

    Breathe Easy Timing’s everything when it comes to dancing—right down to the timing of your breathing. And when theMore »

  • Best Foot Forward

    Ah, feet—we point, stomp and crack them (and everything in between). And though dancing all day makes them strong,More »

  • Amazing Grace

    Gisele Bethea stands in the center of a rehearsal studio at American Ballet Theatre’s headquarters, breathing hard. The ABTMore »

  • The Technique Question

    In today’s ballet world, dancers need to be adaptable. Long gone are the days when a few big companies wouldMore »

  • Crazy Moments in Pointe Shoe History

    Ah, pointe shoes: We love those beautiful, glamorous torture devices! But pointework didn’t always look or feel the wayMore »

  • What I Love About My Body

    Pretty much every dancer has looked in the mirror and thought, “If only this one thing about my bodyMore »

  • Shades of Spring

    From pretty pinks to hues of blue, these pastel pieces will freshen up your ballet classwear.   Related

  • My Perfect Shoes

    Six ballerinas discuss why they love their pointe shoes. Yuriko Kajiya, Principal, Houston Ballet Foot type: Wide and flat, withMore »

  • From Barre to Center

    She just retired as a principal with Pacific Northwest Ballet, but as a teenager, Maria Chapman struggled to gainMore »

  • Let’s Get Liberal

    If you’re thinking about majoring in dance at a liberal arts school, you’re probably already excited about the techniqueMore »

  • Kenedy Kallas

    Kenedy Kallas is the complete package. Drool-worthy feet? Check. Effortless extension? Check. Work ethic and humility? Check and check.More »