March 2019 Table of Contents

February 6, 2019

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Living the Dream

Get to know ABT Studio Company standout Chloe Misseldine.

My First Pair

Six professional ballerinas share their earliest pointe shoe memories.

The Life of a Pointe Shoe

Follow American Ballet Theatre principal Devon Teuscher’s pointe shoes from a fitting to the stage.

Help! I Think My Friend Has an Eating Disorder

Advice from professionals on what you can do to help.


Inside Houston Ballet’s exciting premieres.

The Dirt

Dorrance Dance’s Elizabeth Burke.

Letter to My Teenage Self

Miami City Ballet’s Jeanette Delgado.

Body Buzz

How to make sure you stay hydrated.


Everything you need to know about the keto diet.


Exercises that’ll prepare you for pointework.

The Look

Fresh takes on ballet’s classic heroines.


Cute and easy class styles for natural hair.


A day in the life of a comp judge.


Why pirouettes from fifth can be so hard—and how to make them easier.

College Corner

Why you should build your peer network—and how to do it.

Get a Job

The photo portfolio you need to book jobs.

You Should Know

Ballet standout Destiny Wimpye.