This Insane Fouetté Video IS NOT A GIF, YOU GUYS

June 24, 2018

Do you know a “Xerox” turner? The kind of dancer whose crazy multiple pirouettes are so perfectly balanced that they look like a single turn, carbon-copied two (or four, or eight, or thirty-two) times?

Royal Ballet superstar Marianela Núñez is one of those rare, perfect pirouette beasts, a fact you definitely already know if you follow her fouetté-filled Instagram account. But the Royal just posted a Black Swan pas de deux fouetté video that’s a whole new level of impressive.

It’s so impressive, in fact, that the company had to add a disclaimer: “It’s not a gif, promise!”


So, uh, happy #MotivationMonday, y’all. May we all find our inner Marianelas during our next studio fouetté session! And check out this story for tips to help whip your fouettés into shape.