Melissa McCarthy and Elmo Rock Out on "Sesame Street"

March 19, 2013

I’ve always had a soft spot for “Sesame Street,” especially since the show has always had a soft spot for dance. (Remember Suzanne Farrell taking “small steps” and “big steps”? And Jacques d’Amboise’s “peanut ballet”? And Angel Corella dancing with the alphabet? And Lourdes Lopez and Jock Soto demonstrating “up” and “down”? Ah, memories.)

But I have to admit I didn’t expect comedienne extraordinaire Melissa McCarthy’s guest spot on the show this week to involve dance.

Silly me. Since McCarthy’s word of the day is “choreographer” (pretty advanced, right?), she and Elmo collaborate with a choreographer penguin, who teaches them the “flap-a-waddle-boom-boom” dance. Predictably, it’s awesome. Take a look: