18 Ways College Dancers Can Practice Mid-Semester Self-Care

April 25, 2021

Many dancers are missing their spring breaks this year, as schools across the country have canceled their mid-semester break in attempts to prevent the spread of Covid. And while wellness days are well and good, they don’t offer the same relief as a full week off from classes.

It doesn’t help that many dancers have felt *especially* stressed this semester. And without the designated time off from school and dance to help you finish the semester strong, the last few weeks of school feel even tougher than usual.

Here is a list of 18 ways you can practice some self-care—that won’t take up much of your ever-precious time.

1. Replace your worn-out shoes. It’s time to say goodbye to your threadbare ballet flats.

2. Call or FaceTime with your loved ones. Even if you can’t travel to visit them during the semester, you can still make a connection using technology.

3. Take an Epsom salt bath. If you’re feeling fancy, add in a few drops of your fave essential oil.

4. Toss your ripped tights. You deserve a mid-semester wardrobe refresh.

5. Finally try that face mask that’s been sitting on your bathroom counter, or make one yourself. Pamper your skin and combat maskne—it’s a win-win.

6. Take a yoga class (in person or online).

7. Clean out your dance bag.

8. Make a new recipe.

9. Make your favorite recipe!

10. Spend some quality time with your foam roller.

11. Reach out to an old dance teacher and thank them. Studies have shown that expressing gratitude makes us happier and can even reduce stress and anxiety.

12. Do some journaling. Write down your goals, what you’re grateful for, and how you’re feeling.

13. Get outside!

14. Dance for you. Turn on your fave improv jams and remind yourself why you love to dance.

15. Hang with your dance besties—outside the studio.

16. Read something.

17. Watch an episode of that show that’s been sitting on your “To Watch” list all semester.

18. Take a social media hiatus. Face it, we’ve all had enough of screens by now. A study from the University of Pennsylvania indicated that limiting social media use to thirty minutes a day can decrease feelings of loneliness and depression.