Miguel Zarate's Magical Moves

December 5, 2013

Miguel Zarate is one of those choreographers we sort of always have our eyes on. He’s worked with some seriously big names—Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus—and most recently spent time working on “The X Factor.” We haven’t featured him a ton in Dance Spirit yet because we feel like he’s always right on the verge of doing his next crazy-cool thing.

His latest “OMG we can’t stop watching this” move? This:

I mean…yeah. This choreography is downright sick and these dancers (Christina Glur leading the pack, along with Jon Burdine, Vincent Noiseux, Devin Walker and Jae Fusz) absolutely nail it. There’s so much ferocity with a heaping side of sass, and we wouldn’t totally hate it if we could somehow get our hands on a few of those blinged-out crop sweaters the dudes are wearing.

Keep doing what you’re doing, MZ. We’re watching you.

And dancers, next time your teacher or a competition judge says you need to “clean your routine”…this is what they mean. So. Squeaky. Clean.