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Dancers with Degrees

While it may seem like four years spent training on campus means four fewer years of professional life, that’s not the case. Because as college graduates Allison DeBona, Peter Chu, Cat Cogliandro and Miguel Zarate will tell you, dancing in college doesn’t just give you extra technical training. It can also provide opportunities for self-discovery, […]

Miguel Zarate's Magical Moves

Miguel Zarate is one of those choreographers we sort of always have our eyes on. He’s worked with some seriously big names—Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus—and most recently spent time working on “The X Factor.” We haven’t featured him a ton in Dance Spirit yet because we feel like he’s always right on […]

Sean Lew is my Spirit Animal

When I was 11, the routine I did at my year-end dance recital was a lyrical-ballet hybrid thing to that weird and totally unknown song “Every Heart Needs a Home.” It was awful. These days, 11 year olds are way more talented. They’re downright fierce. Take, for example, 11-year-old Sean Lew. You’ve probably already heard […]