Mind-Bending Gifs from "ABDC" Season 8

August 20, 2015

Sure, we could write, yet again, about how insane this season of “America’s Best Dance Crew” is. We could compose epic poetry in praise of the witty genius of SuperCr3w, the ridiculous acrobatics of Quest Crew, the laser precision of Kinjaz. We could scribble endless thank-you notes to MTV for bringing back a show whose three-year absence left gaping holes in our hearts—and whose return made us the happiest of happy clams.

But I don’t think words can really do justice to the gloriousness that is this season of “ABDC.”


What we need are pictures.

What we need are videos.

What we need are pictures that ARE videos.


Without further ado: Here is the story of “ABDC” Season 8, as told in gif form. These gifs are arranged in ascending order, from “yes!” to “AHHHHH MY BRAAAAAIIIIINNN.”

Quest Crew:

The Elektrolytes:


Quest Crew again:

Super Cr3w:

Quest Crew, one more time:

And finally, Super Cr3w:

What. Just…what.

There’s only one way to respond to all of this. Take it, Frankie:

Happy Friday, y’all. And be sure to catch “ABDC” Wednesdays at 11/10C on MTV.