Misty Copeland on ABC News

November 5, 2013

Ballet in mainstream news alert! Ballet in mainstream news alert!

American Ballet Theatre soloist and all-around all-star Misty Copeland recently did a pretty extensive interview with ABC News. Divided into three sections, it’s a primer on what life is like as one of the world’s few professional black ballerinas.

“Being different, looking different, not looking like a classical ballerina—my goal isn’t to change the history of ballet or the tradition of it,” she says. “That’s what I love about it….I love carrying on such an incredible art form, but being a different face for it.”

She’s also forced to talk about stuff like the film Black Swan, which, ay, can we please move on now? But ignore all that, and instead focus on the beautiful footage of Misty in class and onstage (and the adorable photos of her as a teenager!).