Misty Copeland's Latest Interview Will Give You #AllTheFeels

October 2, 2016

Misty Copeland
opened up recently in an interview for Madame Noire’s “She’s The Boss” video seriesand the result is seriously inspiring, naturally. Copeland talks about everything from being the first African-American principal at American Ballet Theatre to her new leotard line, Égal, to designing a Barbie doll. She gets super emotional when reflecting on what it means to be a successful African-American ballerina, saying, “There’s so much hard work that goes into it. But it wasn’t just me. It’s been generations and generations of black women fighting and and it’s just surreal.”

Why is she a boss (as if that’s not already self-evident)?  “I consider myself a boss because I’m consistent, I’m focused, I’m dedicated, I’m hardworking,” Copeland says. “And I think the most important thing is to be present and stay humble and remember where you come from.” YES.

Watch all the goodness for yourself below, and have an inspired Monday!

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