“Movies in Motion” Brings Iconic Big-Screen Dances to Life

June 11, 2019

We’re completely geeking out over Vanity Fair’s new “Movies in Motion” YouTube series. It features dance/married couple #goals Chris Grant and Lauren Yalango-Grant—whom you may recognize as two of the artists currently bringing King Kong to life on Broadway—breaking down the choreography, inspiration, and history behind some of Hollywood’s most famous dance numbers.

Their latest video dives into the moves behind the original “Step In Time” chimney-sweep routine from the 1964 classic Mary Poppins, choreographed by Dee Dee Wood and Mark Breaux (also a married couple!). The Grants talk set, cast, and music—and fully commit to getting the number’s superhuman partnering sequences just right.

Mary Poppins
movie night, anybody?

Watch the full video below, and then check out the series’ first episode, where Chris and Lauren break down the famous dance scene from Pulp Fiction.