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Watch Professional Dancers Break Down the Iconic "Dirty Dancing" Finale

You already know how much we love Vanity Fair’s “Movies in Motion” YouTube series, with its deep dives into the most iconic movie dance scenes of all time. (It’s basically SparkNotes for your required dance-movie watching.) Now it’s back—and this time, our favorite dynamic dance duo (and IRL couple), Chris Grant and Lauren Yalango-Grant, are […]

“Movies in Motion” Brings Iconic Big-Screen Dances to Life

We’re completely geeking out over Vanity Fair’s new “Movies in Motion” YouTube series. It features dance/married couple #goals Chris Grant and Lauren Yalango-Grant—whom you may recognize as two of the artists currently bringing King Kong to life on Broadway—breaking down the choreography, inspiration, and history behind some of Hollywood’s most famous dance numbers. Their latest […]