10 Dancy Music Videos for Last-Minute Halloween Costume Inspo

October 27, 2021

If Halloween snuck up on you this year, no judgment from us—it’s been a busy autumn. Luckily for you, Dance Spirit is here to provide some last-minute costume ideas that are inspired by music videos with some of the best choreography.

“Sorry” by Justin Bieber

Bring out the vibrant colors and branded clothing. Then, layer on accessories over accessories: sunglasses, hats, chunky necklaces, jackets….There is no such thing as “too much.” Finish the look with your coolest sneakers or Timberland boots. Bonus points if you can wow your costume party with some of Parris Goebel’s award-winning choreography.

“Wild Side” by Normani

Anything black and leather paired with white tennis shoes will evoke the style of Normani’s sick backup dancers. Just grab some shades and learn Sean Bankhead’s flawless choreography to seal the deal. If you have longer hair, style it into a slicked-back high ponytail and braid the ponytail, to emulate Normani’s look.

“Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga

Got a white leotard stuffed somewhere in the back of your closet? Great! A quick DIY paper crown could give you a quick and easy “Bad Romance”–dancer costume that choreographer Laurieann Gibson would approve of.

“How Do You Sleep?” by Sam Smith

Here is a costume idea that only requires a few clothing pieces. Pair black trousers with black boots, a black waist trainer and a nude leotard (hey, it’s fall and we don’t want you to be cold). If you don’t own a waist trainer, DIY one with some thick elastic from a craft store. Strike one of Parris Goebel’s cool and angular poses, and caption your Insta photo “How do you sleep when you lie to me?”

“SOUR Prom” by Olivia Rodrigo

For this look, you could either channel the ’80s-esque prom looks rocked by Olivia Rodrigo and the dancers as they own Monika Felice Smith’s choreo or opt for a look inspired by one of Rodrigo’s other music videos: a plaid skirt with black elbow-length gloves for “good 4 u,” or a simple leo and tutu combo for that twisted ballerina look from “brutal.”

“Silk Chiffon” by Muna (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)

Channel the bubblegum-pop vibes of this video with a red cheerleading outfit, or build a preppy baby-pink or sky-blue outfit from your own closet. Then master Taylor James’ cheer choreography and post it to TikTok for an indie-approved Halloween fit.

“Not Mad Anymore” by Ashe

Search your closet for a dramatic red look inspired by this moody Monika Felice Smith–choreographed music video. Pair red pants with a matching red turtleneck, paint your nails red and grab some black lace-up jazz shoes. Part your hair down the middle, then brush up on your soft-shoe tap skills and you’re all set.

“Solar Power” by Lorde

For this look, wear a yellow crop top with a matching midi skirt, and, if you can, arrange your hair in beachy waves. You’ll be ready to join the girls dancing Andrew Winghart’s moves in the sand. Just don’t drop your phone in the water…unless you’re avoiding someone’s calls.

“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift

This classic dance-filled music video with Tyce Diorio-choreo (dare we say…Dichoreo?) makes for the ultimate group costume for dancers. Look no further than your own dance wardrobe. There is an option for each member of your dance squad: a leotard with legwarmers for the ballet dancer, sweats or shorts with a hoodie and sneakers for the hip-hop head, and a mix of loose and fitted dancewear in muted tones for the modern/contemporary mover.

“Single Ladies” by Beyoncé

You knew this one would make the list. JaQuel Knight’s choreography has transcended the dance world and become one of the most instantly recognizable dances in existence. Pair a high-necked black leotard with tights and black heels, and tease your hair into a half-up, half-down look with a 2008-era bump.