Quiz: Name That Dance Video Choreographer!

July 10, 2017

Who among us hasn’t been sucked into watching hours on end of dance videos? (✋ Guilty 😬 )

Irresponsible? Maybe. Worth it? Absolutely!

Think you’re a true dance video guru? Challenge your dance world knowledge by matching these screenshots from popular dance videos with the choreographers who created them. It’s trickier than you might expect!

1. “Incomplete”

A: Talia Favia

B. Stacey Tookey

C. Jaci Royal

D. Chantel Aguirre

2. “YONCÉ”

A: Kyle Hanagami

B: WilldaBeast

C: Nika Kljun

D: Tricia Miranda

3. “Baby One More Time”

A. Nappytabs

B. Yanis Marshall

C. Misha Gabriel

D. Rudy Abreu

4. “Dancing in the Dark”

A. Justin Giles and Matt Luck

B. Jason Parsons and Lauren Adams

C. Jen Osorio Pendleton and Eldon Johnson

D. Matt Luck and Emma Portner

5. “Without the Lights”

A. Phillip Chbeeb

B. Sabrina Phillip

C. Mia Michaels

D. Nick Lanzisera

6. “Stay”

A. Brian Friedman and Yanis Marshal

B. Jojo Gomez and Jake Kodish

C. Galen Hooks and Kyle Hanagami

D. Hefa Tuita and Randi Kemper

7. “Cry Me A River”

A. Travis Wall

B. Andrew Winghart

C. Mandy Moore

D. Dana Wilson

8. “A Breakup Story”

A. Dee Caspary

B. Joey Dowling-Fakhrieh

C. Talia Favia

D. Andy Pellick

9. “River”

A. Ade Obayomi

B. Lauren Adams

C. Marissa Milele

D. Galen Hooks

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