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Name That Dance Video Choreographer: The Answers

Ta-da! 1. Incomplete C. Jaci Royal 2. “YONCÉ” A: Kyle Hanagami 3. “Baby One More Time” B. Yanis Marshall 4. Dancing in the Dark D. Matt Luck and Emma Portner 5. “Without the Lights” A. Phillip Chbeeb 6. “Stay” B. Jojo Gomez and Jake Kodish 7. “Cry Me A River” B. Andrew Winghart 8. “A […]

Quiz: Name That Dance Video Choreographer!

Who among us hasn’t been sucked into watching hours on end of dance videos? (✋ Guilty 😬 ) Irresponsible? Maybe. Worth it? Absolutely! Think you’re a true dance video guru? Challenge your dance world knowledge by matching these screenshots from popular dance videos with the choreographers who created them. It’s trickier than you might expect! […]

“SYTYCD” Season 9: Atlanta Auditions Recap

I have to say I’ve been very proud of “So You Think You Can Dance” so far this season. There haven’t been too many painfully bad auditions, plus the dancers with sob stories haven’t completely outnumbered the ones without. Bravo! On the other hand, Nigel seems to be getting more and more inappropriate. (No he […]