How Will You Celebrate National Dance Day?

July 2, 2018

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiime of the year—and by that, we don’t mean the winter holidays (obviously), or even the Fourth of July (though yes, tomorrow is the day to wear your most patriotic leotard). Nope: We’re talking about the approach of National Dance Day! On July 28th, dancers and dance fans from across the US of A will celebrate this art form we all love so much. And there are tons of ways for you to get in on the dance action.

Let’s start with the official 2018 National Dance Day routine, which just debuted. As ever, it’s designed to be accessible to dance lovers of all levels and abilities. But it’s especially appealing to us hardcore dance folks this year, given that it’s choreographed by Mandy Moore and demonstrated by the likes of Kida Burns and Chelsie Hill. Learn it, record your take, and share the vid using the hashtags #DanceMadeMeDoIt and #NationalDanceDay2018.

Those of us in Orange County or DC can also attend the NDD flagship events on the 28th. On the West Coast, the Segerstrom Center will feature all kinds of live performances, dance lessons, and appearances by dance celebrities. Out East, the Kennedy Center will also host a lineup of classes and performances during the day, plus a big Dancing Under the Stars party at night. All of that goodness, in both locations, will cost you exactly zero dinero.

If you’re not based in CA or DC, no worries: There are oodles of NDD celebrations happening all across the country. You can search the event’s database to find out what’s happening near you. If you’re the enterprising sort, you can also create and register your very own party. (Might we suggest a poolside Beychella reenactment?)

And don’t forget that NDD is a fundraising opportunity for the Dizzy Feet Foundation, which created the celebration back in 2010. By making a donation on NDD, or by fundraising for the foundation at your NDD event, you can support DFF’s mission to sponsor dance education in underserved communities. Find more info here.