NBC’s “World of Dance” Competitor Lineup Is 🔥🔥🔥

March 22, 2017

The J.Lo/D.Hough/J.D.Tatum (eh, we went for it) spectacular “World of Dance” is set to premiere May 8 on NBC. And guys, that day can’t come soon enough.

Why? For starters, the epic aforementioned judging/mentoring team—and the fact that Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo are producers on the show, with their fave Kyle Hanagami acting as supervising choreographer. That info alone would be enough to get us to watch a series about roller-skating polar bears. (Actually, roller-skating polar bears sound kind of great.)

But the latest trailers for “WOD” have also given us peeks at the talent competing for the show’s $1 million dollar prize. And that talent includes many, many dancers we’re very, very obsessed with.

Exhibit A: In a single viewing of the trailer below, we picked out Keone and Mari Madrid, the JabbaWockeez, Kinjaz and the Fraternal Twins.

That’s multiple Dance Spirit cover stars. In one viewing.

It’s going to be hard to figure out who to root for in this thing. And we are looking forward to having that problem.

Hurry up, May 8.