The New Dance Series "tWitch, Please" Is Just the Cutest Thing Ever

May 28, 2018

We are forever here for the sweet best-friendship of Ellen DeGeneres and dance superhero Stephen “tWitch” Boss, still going strong. And now that enduring love has spawned a new series: “tWitch, Please…Help Me Dance!” Produced by the Ellen Digital Network, it features Mr. Boss teaching some slick moves to people in need. Because who wouldn’t want tWitch to give them a complete dance makeover—especially if they were, say, trying to impress their classmates at prom, or propose to the love of their life?

Those very scenarios are the premises of the first two episodes of the series, available now on and YouTube. You’ll totally fall in love with high schooler Isaiah, who works with tWitch to master a prom-perfect routine, and Patrick, who enlists tWitch to help him craft a flash mob surprise proposal for his girlfriend. And, of course, you’ll fall even more deeply in love with tWitch.

Check back every Friday for new episodes!