New "Dancing with the Stars" cast announced!

August 30, 2010

It’s a new season of “Dancing with the Stars” and with that comes a shiny new cast! Now, we’re not sure anyone could top the entertainers from last season—between champion Nicole Scherzinger’s always-impressive routines to Kate Gosselin’s, uh, unique performances, it was quality programming to say the least—but there are a few new dancers we’re super excited about. Onto the list…

    This “star” of “The Hills” fame comes into the competition with one advantage—a smokin’ hot body. But beyond that, we’re not sure how she’ll fare. She seems a bit rhythmically challenged. At least we know she’s comfortable being on reality TV!
    Loved her during her “The Boy is Mine” and “Moesha” days. Now that she’s all grown up, we’re hoping this songstress can make moves on the dance floor.
    Oh. Jeez. Can’t. Even. Comment. Why?!?! She’s young and probably in decent shape, but she’s also painfully annoying, which probably won’t fare well on a show that relies on audience votes…
    Pretty excited about this one. “The Hoff” himself seems to be in on all the “My life is hilarious” jokes, which we can appreciate. So long as there are no cheeseburgers on the dance floor, he should be good to go.
    Mrs. Brady! Adorable.
    Another one we’re psyched about. Here’s hoping this Dirty Dancing star has held onto some of her moves since her Swayze days. After all these years, we’re sure it’s still true that no one puts Baby in a corner…
    He’s hot. This Arizona Cardinals quarterback will be fun to watch, even if he can’t dance. He’s just so easy on the eyes…
    The Cory in the House star is the youngest contestant this season. Love having a clean-cut Disney kid in the group.
    We think we’ve got a new Niecey Nash on our hands with this one! Margaret Cho, a hilarious comedian, will likely provide excellent entertainment, whether it’s through her dancing or her snappy, quick-witted comebacks. Love her.
    Wow, who remembers Michael Bolton? (Most of you probably don’t.) This Grammy winner may have strayed from the spotlight in recent years, but we’re sure he’ll be right at home returning to the stage.
    Ah yes, the rumors proved to be true. The Situation will bring his G-T-L routine from “The Jersey Shore” to the dance floor. Gotta be honest, we’re pretty excited for this and can’t wait to see who he’s partnered with, since he’ll no doubt try to win her over with his uh…smooth moves?
    Rounding out this season’s athlete quota is Rick Fox, a former L.A. Laker. Should we go ahead and assume he’ll be paired with Cheryl Burke, since she always seems to get the athletes?

Well, there they are! Twelve fresh faces ready to heat up the dance floor. Be sure to tune in to ABC for the “Dancing with the Stars” season premiere on September 20. We’ll be watching—and blogging!