New Omarion video!

November 30, 2009

What’s up DS? This is your boy AntBoogie reporting in. Omarion has a new single release out called “I get it in.” It’s the first release off his new label, Star Entertainment. Omarion directed the high-energy music video, which also features a cameo appearance from this past season’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” winners, We Are Heroes. Omarion’s long-time choreographer, Roro, and his assistant, Free, choreographed the video. Omarion is making his return and claiming to be the “King of Dance.” AmountBoyz member, Mike “Xmastree” Vargas, is is one of the backup dancers in the video. (You can’t miss him—he’s the only dancer wearing plaid.) The music video is posted on the front page of my website Chris Brown’s new music video “Transform Ya,” choreographed by The Authority crew (Flii Stylez, Richmond and Ton Taluega), is also on the site.