New Yorkers For Dance

March 22, 2017

This is kind of a dance-nerd moment, but we’re so happy about it we needed to share it. The New Yorkers for Dance campaign is a beautiful thing: Dance/NYC made a series of videos featuring New Yorkers talking about why dance is important to them. There’s one video that features a mashup of people from each of the city’s 51 council districts, and it really shows how dance has impacted the lives of all kinds of different people.

Why do we love this? Even though we’re suckers for the best of the best in the dance world, sometimes the power of dance is revealed in the ways it affects people who aren’t stars, or even highly trained dancers. The New Yorkers for Dance campaign could have showcased famous dancers talking about why dance is important, but it seems more poignant to have relatable, real New Yorkers sharing their commitment to our favorite art form.

(Also, Andrea Miller makes a very silly cameo at the end!)

Check it out and spread the love!