July 29, 2008



How much do you know about the history of Modern Dance?

Answers: 1.c; 2.b; 3.1; 4.d; 5.c; 6.a


1) Whose theory of contraction and release was central to the development of Modern dance in the US?

a. Margot Fonteyn

b. Alvin Ailey

c. Martha Graham

d. Janet Eilber


2) Who wrote the book “The Art of Making Dances” in 1958?

a. Paul Taylor

b. Doris Humphrey

c. George Balanchine

d.  Twyla Tharp


3) What ancient civilization inspired Isadora Duncan’s dancing style?

a. Greek

b. Japanese

c. Egyptian

d. Croatian


4) On which continent did modern dance originate?

a. America

b. Africa

c. Asia

d. Europe


5) Which school of dance influenced modern dance and boasts alumni such as Martha Graham, Charles Weidman, and silent actress Louise Brooks?

a. Dorislishon

b. Alvin Ailey

c. Denishawn

d. School of American Ballet


6) Which influential modern dance name chose to leave NY behind and work instead in California?

a. Lester Horton

b. Martha Graham

c. Ted Shawn

d. Jose Limon