Notes From a Hollywood Insider

July 6, 2009

Break-dancing monks
, Bollywood babes and giant Buddha props—seems to be biz as usual as I enter the set of “Superstars of Dance”! I spot all the usual suspects: Fame choreographer Marguerite Derricks plotting an American team victory with Groovaloo Bradley Rapier, Nigel Lythgoe schmoozing with some media types, and cohost Susie Castillo lamenting her two left feet when it comes to dance.


In the middle of it all is the “Lord of the Dance” Michael Flatley! (Did you know that he holds a world record for dancing 35 taps per second? His legs are insured for a whopping $40 million!)


Though Flatley is still spearheading the “LOTD” tour, he was excited to be cohosting the show, which aired in January. “I’m so passionate about dance,

and it’s amazing to be part of something with such an international scope—this show will go on for years and years,” says Flatley. With his Midas touch, it

just might. —Jen Jones