November 2015

October 13, 2015

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  • Seeing Ballet Stars on Starz

    The Starz TV series “Flesh and Bone,” a fictional show about the dark side of pro ballet, is gritty,More »

  • The Dirt: Jacob Guzman

    When Jacob Guzman takes the stage in the latest Broadway revival of Fiddler on the Roof this month, he’llMore »

  • Letter to My Teenage Self: Lia Cirio

    Commanding, versatile, fearless, sinewy, grounded—it’s impossible to describe multifaceted Boston Ballet principal Lia Cirio in just one word. That’sMore »

  • Dear Katie

    Dear Katie, My teacher always casts me in flashy pieces with lots of turning and jumping, but I’d reallyMore »

  • From the Dining Room to the Dance Studio

    Thanksgiving leftovers are easily the best part about the holiday. But digesting rich foods can sap your energy. WeMore »

  • Conquering Stage Fright

    It’s the day of competition. You’ve practiced your solo hundreds of times; you hum the music constantly, and youMore »

  • Two-Stepping

    From YouTube to the boob tube, Keone and Mari Madrid seem to be everywhere these days—and that’s just theMore »

  • (How to Get) All Eyes on You

    Stage presence is the secret sauce you bring to your dancing: It makes every moment more delicious. But it’sMore »

  • The Show Must Go On

    Earlier this year, Ashley Green and Michael Hall—senior dancers at Columbia City Jazz in Lexington, SC—were performing their duet,More »

  • A Day in Diet of…

    Fueling dancers’ ever-moving bodies can be an artform in and of itself. We had three professional dancers journal everythingMore »

  • Extreme Costumes

    There’s nothing like an over-the-top costume to take a performance to the next level. An extreme look can helpMore »

  • Out of This World

    Extraterrestrial—and extra-extravagant! These costumes have the glitz and glam you need to rule the state…or the galaxy. Related

  • Contouring Made Simple


  • Full House

    Choreographer Matthew Neenan, who danced in Pennsylvania Ballet’s corps, was eager to include plenty of dancers in his firstMore »

  • Dollars and Sense

    Applying to colleges is beyond exciting. But it can also be beyond stressful, especially once you and your familyMore »

  • You Should Know: Jezzaeyah Slack

    The moment 11-year-old Jezzaeyah “Jezzy” Slack takes the stage, she’s in complete control. She has the musicality, maturity andMore »