#OldHeadshotDay Is the Best Ever—and It's Not Just About Nostalgia

April 26, 2018

Lately, it seems like every day is another “National/International Something Day.” National Dance Day, International Women’s Day, etc. have become perennial social-media celebrations—and we’re hoping the same holds true for #OldHeadshotDay, which started blowing up Twitter and Instagram yesterday.

As you’d expect, we’ve gotten to see tons of dance celebs’ hilariously dated first headshots (nice to see you again, puka shells and über-crunchy curls). But we think #OldHeadshotDay resonates because it actually touches on something much deeper than simply cringing at the trends we all used to think looked cool. Getting to see dance’s biggest stars with baby faces/without retouching/with their entire careers still ahead of them reminds us that we all start out young, scrappy, and hungry (apologies to Lin-Manuel Miranda!).

Social media tends to shine a spotlight on only our most flawless moments, like when we’ve already netted that enviable gig or signed the principal contract. That’s exactly why we need #OldHeadshotDay: a lighthearted reminder that we all start somewhere—and that dance can take you to amazing places you could never imagine when you sit down for that first session with a headshot photographer.

So enjoy, in no particular order, ten of our favorite #OldHeadshotDay posts from the dance world’s brightest stars. Dream big, kiddos—but maybe skip the butterfly clips, yeah?