NYCB's Olivia Boisson Shares Her Pointe-Shoe Prep Routine

September 9, 2018

Watching a ballerina customize her pointe shoes will just never get old. Not only is it oddly mesmerizing to watch, but the pros always have some genius tips and hacks to offer. New York City Ballet corps member Olivia Boisson recently sat down with Insider to talk about her pointe-shoe process, and trust us, the video is a must-watch.

Although the video does spend some time explaining some basic things like pointe shoes vs. flat shoes for its non-dancer viewers, the bulk of the video shows some extremely detailed (and magical) footage of Boisson doing everything from sewing her ribbons to bending her shank to banging her shoes against the wall to make them quieter. TBH, it’s pure magic and you should probably check it out: