On the Set of "Glee" with Haylee Roderick

April 4, 2011

Haylee Roderick, who grew up dancing in Sandy, UT, has only lived in L.A. for seven months–but she’s already danced at the Academy Awards and booked a job on the hit TV show, Glee. In the upcoming season (which premieres April 13!), Haylee is a dancer with Vocal Adrenaline, McKinley High’s glee club rivals. DS caught up with the
Haylee  Roderick
19-year-old L.A. newcomer to talk about her role on the show. –Katie Rolnick


DS: How did you find out you had gotten the part? What was your reaction?

HR: I actually didn’t have to audition–it was a direct book. I got the call when I was home for Christmas. I had been in L.A. for four months and I went through a rough time when there wasn’t much work. I was discouraged. It was so different going from Utah to L.A.–having a supportive family and then being on my own, having to be independent. When I got the call, it showed me that L.A. was where I was supposed to be.

DS: What was filming like?

HR: Part of being on the Glee team is singing and dancing. I’m in two episodes and in one, I had to sing a solo, but it’s not my actual voice–I lip sync. It’s hard because there’s a lot to think about: lifts, partnering, singing and performing. And saying “watermelon” when you don’t know the words doesn’t always work!

: How will we be able to spot you on the show?

HR: I’m partnered with a new character, Jesse St. James, who is played by Jonathan Groff. He’s the main guy on Vocal Adrenaline (and Rachel’s new love interest). It was a lot of pressure–Jonathan’s been on Broadway, so he knows the ropes.

DS: It seems like such a fun cast. What was the set atmosphere like?

HR: Everyone involved is excited to be a part of the show. The cast would hang out in an old classroom, playing the board game Apples to Apples. There are a lot of experienced dancers on the show and it was cool to hear about their work. Some teach at conventions, some do other TV shows and some have been on world tours. It gave me motivation to keep working hard so that I can be like that too.


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Photo by Erik Hyler