Our Favorite #BeautyHacks for Dancers on the Go

November 14, 2017

Let’s face it—spare time is pretty tough to come by when you’re a dancer. You’re either rushing to get ready for rehearsal, rushing to rehearsal, a combo of the two, or in rehearsal (or performing, or in class, or at an audition…you get the picture). Well here at DS, we understand the struggle is REAL, which is why we’ve rounded up our favorite foolproof makeup hacks, approved by resident #LazyGirl when it comes to makeup (spoiler alert: it’s me). On to the hacks!

1. Powder First, Foundation Second

There’s nothing worse than having to reapply foundation over the course of the day. Not only can it look cake-y, but it’s a total waste of product. To save yourself some money, time, and frustration, moisturize your face and then apply a layer of translucent setting powder. Let your skin absorb it for a few minutes, and THEN apply your foundation, followed by a final layer of powder. The first layer acts as a security blanket of sorts for the product, and keeps any oiliness at bay.

2. Winging It

Honestly, they should teach a class in school about how to properly apply winged eyeliner. If you haven’t yet mastered this very challenging art, I’ve got two shortcuts for you. You can either: A) Place two small pieces of tape on the bottom and top edges of your eyelid, and use them as a guide as you draw the wing; or, B) Draw your eyeliner as you usually would, but extend it out a little further than necessary. Grab a makeup wipe or Q-tip that’s been dipped in lotion, and remove any excess eyeliner. I like to think of it as a dry-erase board.

3. Warm It Up

Whether you’re a foundation girl or lean towards tinted moisturizers, the bottom line is that cold makeup doesn’t sit well on skin. Before applying, pump out the product onto the top of your hand. Your body heat will warm it up, making the application process a lot smoother. Pro tip: bid adieu to the beauty blender or foundation brush and just use your fingers to apply (but make sure you’ve washed your hands first!).

4. Hairspray Your Eyebrows (Yes, I’m Serious)

Brow gels are great, don’t get me wrong. But if you’re sweating through class for hours on end, chances are that product’s sliding right off along with your perspiration. That’s where hairspray comes in. Take an eyebrow brush, new toothbrush, or clean, fresh mascara wand and spritz on the extra-hold spray of your choice, and brush your brows like you normally would. They’ll stay in place and on fleek for the whole day.

5. Eyelash Curler Double Duty

Eyelash curlers get a bad rap—which, I get why, seeing as they do look like medieval torture devices. But those little contraptions create miracles, especially if the miracle you need is perfectly smudged eyeliner on your top lid. Simply take your favorite eyeliner pencil, run it over the top portion of your eyelash curler a few times, and curl your eyelashes as you normally would. Not only will you have #flawless lashes, but you’ll have a smoky swipe of eyeliner that’s smudged to perfection.